Join us for a screening of the music video "Compassion and Contrast," by James Hart, and the premiere of the documentary piece, featuring a Behind The Scenes look at the making of and meaning behind the piece. Watch the videos, enjoy complimentary coffee & snacks from local businesses in our neighborhood, share reflections, share your story if you feel compelled, meet new friends and join in the conversation! We need to Talk is a movement using music videos and docushorts to build bridges and catalyze community healing. RiffRaff Arts Collective is creating sweeping, cinematic music videos featuring original music by artists within our community that have written songs about issues they are passionate about, or ways they see the world that they wish the community could open their hearts to. We are using these videos to stoke community dialogue, build relationships, and cultivate a culture of listening. The project aims to empower community members to tell their stories and raise their voices. Featured songs include themes of change and empowerment, and docu-shorts explore issues that inspired their creation.